Monday, October 12, 2015

Traveler 120 Photos

Back in March, my grandma gave me this Traveler 120 camera:

I only recently got time to clean it up a bit and try it out. I took one roll (eight pictures) with 100 speed B&W film. In retrospect, faster film would have been better. An obvious problem that I knew about while I was out was that I couldn't quite keep the camera steady. The shutter button itself is rather heavy, and pressing it automatically nudges the camera. I'll have to brace the camera better for future photos.

A problem that I only found out about after I got them developed was that light is getting into the camera somehow. Either that, or I let some in while loading the film. Furthermore, I was following the exposure numbers as they appeared in the viewing window, and it looks like some shots didn't line up right. So, these photos aren't very good, but here they are! I took all of them along a park trail.

I think they're kind of spooky, although I wish just one would have turned out well. I've got four more rolls, so I think I'm going to try to use them on bright days and make sure to close up any potential holes. Instead of getting them developed right away, though, I'll probably save them until I can do them myself (not sure when that will be!).

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