Friday, October 16, 2015

FRIDAY FIVE: Books in my TBR Pile

First of all, an explanation for my rather sudden silence and my lack of Month of Classic Horror updates. I've been dragging my feet for a few months as I decided whether I wanted to apply to grad school again. I was hesitating because I wanted a literature program with a creative dissertation, but I couldn't find more than one program to apply to. So I finally looked at regular lit programs, found ones I liked, and decided last Monday to apply. And that's what I've been up to for the past two weeks--getting my application materials together. That means I probably won't watch many more horror films, but I will try to keep up with my Friday Five posts.

This week, I chose five books I'm looking forward to reading from my To Be Read pile. My TBR pile is ridiculous. Unmanageable. This is compounded by how slowly I read. I accumulated a lot of unread books during grad school, so there are a lot waiting for me as soon as I have some time.

State of Wonder, Ann Patchett

I adore Ann Patchett, though I've only read two of her books so far (The Patron Saint of Liars and Bel Canto, which is wonderful, one of my favorites). I can't wait to get to this one.

Gameboard of the Gods, Richelle Mead

I really enjoyed the first book in Mead's Vampire Academy series, so I'm looking forward to seeing how she tackles an adult series.

The Word For World Is Forest, Ursula K. Le Guin

Although this is the sixth in a cycle, I'm fairly certain it can be read as a standalone. The only Le Guin I've read is A Wizard of Earthsea, which I loved. Not only am I excited to read more of her work, but I promised myself I'd read more science fiction because my reading taste leans so heavily toward fantasy.

Freedom's Landing, Anne McCaffrey

McCaffrey is another sci-fi writer on my list because of recommendations from friends. I picked this one over any of her others because the premise reminded me a lot of The 100, another thing I love.

Best Served Cold, Joe Abercrombie

Another author I've heard a lot of good things about. The premise sounds so intriguing, and I've been starved for some non-urban fantasy with a female protagonist. I've really only stayed away from this one because of its size. That'll have to change soon.

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