Friday, October 30, 2015

FRIDAY FIVE: Postcards from Friends

I've been lucky enough to have some wonderful opportunities in my life. However, many of them--spending a summer in Maine, volunteering in the Peace Corps, attending a low-res graduate program--mean I meet a lot of amazing people who don't live anywhere near me. As easy as emailing is, I still take pleasure in keeping in touch with friends through old-fashioned letters and postcards. Most of the fun is hearing from friends, but I also love to see what they're up to and what beautiful places they've gotten to. So today, I'm sharing five of the many lovely postcards I've received over the years.

from Michelle, the Philippines for her second stint in the Peace Corps

from Megan, Kentucky

from Elizabeth, Turkey

from Darren, Rwanda, also his second time in the Peace Corps

from Elizabeth, Georgia

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