Friday, October 23, 2015

FRIDAY FIVE: Fall Things

The Beauty of Nature

Don't even try to tell me there's a better time of year. I've been lucky enough to have the time to take Elphie to the park once or twice a week for the past month or so, and it's been an absolute pleasure watching the leaves change. If I could live in a land of perpetual autumn, I would.

Tea, Spiced Cider, and Other Hot Drinks

I'm not a coffee drinker, which is close to blasphemy for a writer, especially since we spend so much time in coffee shops (writing or just pretending to). So when fall rolls around with all its special seasonal drinks, I am a happy camper.

Sweaters and Plaid Shirts and Scarves and Hats

Seriously. I love them all. Not only are they comfortable, but there's something about the feeling of warm layers protecting you from the cold. Bundle me up and sit me in a comfy armchair. I will be happy forever.

Bonfires and Marshmallowy Treats

Sure, you can host a bonfire in the wilds of summer, but cold weather makes it much more enjoyable. Nothing like tasty treats fresh from the fire to warm you right up.

a selection of my jack o' lanterns from years past
Farm Trips to Pick Out Pumpkins and Then Carve Them
I'm not skilled at jack o' lantern carving, but I enjoy it. There's something so calming about pulling out pumpkin guts and something so satisfying about creativity, even imperfect creativity.

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