Thursday, May 14, 2020

RELEASE: New Anthology

I'm pleased to announce that the anthology I've been working on with my classmates, The Secrets of Harrowgate Valley, is finally available! Though the eight stories can be read independently, they all take place at Harrowgate Valley University, which houses many secrets. We had a great time creating this world and working with each other, and we're eager for people to read what we came up with.

As editor, I read all the stories. One of the fun parts of that is I got to see first-hand how we took this concept and made it our own. Here's the blurb for my story, "The Mystery of J. L. Ward." 

Grad student Sophie finds a Prohibition-era journal and embarks upon a mystery that has far-reaching implications for Newtown,its history, and her own graduate thesis.

Find some of my fellow authors at their websites: 

Click here to get The Secrets of Harrowgate Valley in e-book.

It's also available from Amazon in paperback