Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Knits and Things and Fine Array

I don't consider myself a very talented knitter, but I do enjoy how relaxing the hobby is. My mom, sister, and grandmother all crochet, but I never quite got the hang of it. Since I've been home, I've asked them to reteach me. That hasn't worked out, but my sister did get me two knitting classes for Christmas 2011. So while I'm still a beginning, I'm enjoying teaching myself new techniques and finding new challenges (which, for me, means things that aren't rectangular).

While I was in Kaz, my host sister taught me one crochet stitch. I'd like to blame this on my limited time there, but there is a good possibility she thought I was too dense to learn any more. However, one stitch was enough to get me started, and I promised my fellow goons (an affectionate term, I assure you) that I'd make them each a little something to get through the Siberian winter. Even though that didn't work out, I'm still working on my goal. One friend asked for an article for the hands (like gloves). I made her these arm-warmers (because I'm not skilled enough yet to make fingers):

I admit that they're not much to look at, but I guarantee they're warm! And then, while I was watching Doctor Who all spring long, I made myself a cool TARDIS hat. I believe I found the pattern on ravelry. Something to keep my head cozy next winter.