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In general, I'm available to be a guest on podcasts, participate in short-story anthologies or other creative projects, or act as an editor for a project. I'm also interest in TTRPGs and would love to collaborate or participate on real-play podcasts or shows. Reach out even if your idea isn't listed here. I love trying new things!


I write spec scripts, too. Please contact me if you're interested in representing me or producing one. 

Spec Script: The Weight of a Crown
Synopsis: On the eve of her official coronation, Princess Elinor escapes an assassination attempt by her jealous brother and is rescued by a mysterious witch. Meanwhile, Brynn longs for a purpose beyond her blacksmithing. After getting cheated out of becoming a soldier of the queen’s guard, she’s given a task by the witch—escort the princess across the border to the neighboring land, where they will seek protection from Isabeau, the high commander. Elinor and Brynn must learn from each other’s strengths, invest in their growing bond, and call upon what few allies they have in order to reclaim the throne and the queendom.