Monday, February 21, 2011

Inaugural Post

First post! I really just wanted to get a post in so I could finally give out the blog URL to everyone. Also, my contact info is there to your right for your address books. :)

Well, I've got about two weeks left in the States, so I'm (not so) frantically trying to figure out what to pack. There are the necessities, of course - long underwear, warm boots, Chuck on DVD - but also little things to think about. Do I have all the e-books I want? Is there an artist out there I'm dying to listen to but whose CDs I keep forgetting to buy?

Which is where you come in! If you have a book, movie, or some music to recommend, please do so! I have downloaded the Kindle for PC software, so I'm able to take e-books with me. I will also have my mp3 player and my laptop with music. I'm sure I could use some more tunes for the plane ride! :)