Thursday, April 7, 2011


Trying out Mail2Blog via the kindle.

So this has been a strange week. We had dinner at the country director's apartment in Almaty on Sunday, which was slightly surreal. A flush toilet! A flatscreen! The New Yorker! Crazy, but fun to relax and see the group from Baltabai.

Then we had school intros on Monday and first classes on Wed. My intro went well. I wrote a poem about myself and did a group crossword, which the kids liked a lot. But my class yst was a little crazy. Not sure I am cut out for this teacher thing yet!

Tidbits: Got more yarn for my scarf at the bazaar today. Learned the Russian word for 'shiny.' Reading Secret Garden and Scarlet Pimpernel. Found the post office but am in class when it's open. Going to Almaty on Sat for a concert of some kind haha. Missing hamburgers!

And I miss you all of course. :P 'Til next time! Go, Bucs!

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