Sunday, March 27, 2011


Not sureif this is going to work (on my kindle). Sorry for typos.

First of all, Kazakhstan is pretty cool. In a town called Esik. Gorgeous mountains! Snowed a good bit at first but it is warmingup.

The food is very good Lots of bread and pastries. Yum. Drinking lots of tea now, but I managed to find somehot chocolate in the store last week.

Went into Almaty yesterday. Saw some sights. Hope to get some pics up for you soon. Bought a dombre at the bazaar today. Next mission is to learn to play! Also got some yarn and a crochet needle. Hopefully I can make myself something warm.

Read Far From the Madding Crowd. Now on The 39 Steps. Happy birthday to Liz! Still cannot find the post office lol. More soon hopefully Mtfbwy. :)

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