Thursday, August 18, 2022

NEW PROJECT: A Matter of Perspective, a D&D Adventure

I did something new in July! I took an online class about writing an RPG adventure through the Storytelling Collective and then took a stab at actually writing an adventure. The fruits of my labor (which took a little longer than a month thanks to a planned vacation and an unplanned bout of illness) is a one-shot adventure called A Matter of Perspective

In a sleepy countryside village, a commoner asks an adventuring party for help in finding his son, who’s been taken by “the witch on the hill," a dragonborn sorceress who keeps to herself. As your adventurers brave the obstacles put in place by the sorceress both on the way to her house and inside, the story--and the supposed rescue mission--grow more complicated.

A one-shot adventure for a party of level 5-6.

If you're interested in my process or want to hear more about the adventure I wrote, get in touch! I'm happy to discuss it. Since I started playing tabletop role-playing games a few years ago, I've noticed they've opened up my creativity and rejuvenated my love for the fantasy genre. I'm hoping to branch out from novels and short stories into games more, starting with small projects like this adventure, and one of my long-term goals is to write my own campaign setting.

 Find A Matter of Perspective on DM's Guild by clicking the button below.

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