Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Happy Release Day to RAGNAROK UNWOUND

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“You touched me?”
Odd, Hel acted like it was an unusual instance to be touched. Sure, the half-skull face was a bit off-putting, but Ives had seen quite a few monstrous beasties lurking about in her short time as a Fate Cipher. They were quiet and kept to themselves, afraid of humans. Most monstrous things were, in fact, not very monstrous at all.
“How else was I supposed to get this infernal thing free from your hair? You know, they make a much better wireless version now.” Ives grinned and nodded to the goddess gaming station.
“UPS takes ages to deliver down here, and the delivery charge is outrageous,” said Hel. She stared. Ives was on the verge of fidgeting when Hel reached out and gently poked the tip of her nose. “How did you even get down here? I mean, no offense, but I don’t receive many visitors, and usually, they’re whiny dead people.”
Ives cleared her throat. She’d thrown herself off-task. “I’m actually here to ask for your help.”
It was the tone that made Ives pause. Hel’s fleshy half was expressive. Ives watched the curiosity slip from the goddess’s face at her words and settle into a blank mask.
"Why don't you get many visitors?" It wasn't what Ives intended to say, but there was something about Hel's expression that reminded her of herself. Such as when certain ex-boyfriends showed up on her doorstep asking for help. She recognized that pain.

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