Friday, November 27, 2015

FRIDAY FIVE: Places to Write

Because my November was filled with grad-school applications and studying for the GRE, I decided to call it quits on NaNo. I may not be worrying about my output at the moment, but I'm still writing, and today's Friday Five is my favorite places to write.

Libraries. I'm not all that great with silence, actually, so even if I'm in a library, I usually have music on (with earphones, of course!). Even if I don't take advantage of the quiet, though, I like libraries because just the act of getting out of the house and committing to a few hours in a Place of Work is beneficial. I like tucking myself in at a corner table and creating my own little creative bubble-world.

Cafes. Warm drinks and baked goods. Need I say more?

Parks. People-watching is a great tool, both for character depth and for in-the-moment inspiration. Plus, being out in nature is calming and rejuvenating. It makes my brain work better.

Airports. I like the din of life going on around me while I sit quietly and observantly. The best scenario is when I have a few hours on hand because there's no rush to the writing. I can get up and wander or go get a snack if I need to.

Train Stations. Probably my favorite type of place to write for the same reasons as above, even if I don't get to spend time in train stations much.

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