Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What I'm Listening To: September '15

In the car: Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson

I've heard really good things about this. I'm on part 8 of 20, so I should have a good grasp on the characters by now. Unfortunately, even though the magic system is extremely detailed, I'm still waiting for something to really hook me. I still have over half the book to go, though, so we'll see how my thoughts change once I finish listening to it.

For fun: Badlands, Halsey

Favorite Track: "Ghost"

I can't even describe this well because Halsey is one of those artists who makes listening to music an experience. I'm drawn to interesting lyrics and a good dash of angst, and this CD has both.

While writing: Stardust soundtrack, Ilan Eshkeri and the London Metropolitan Orchestra

Favorite Track: "Tristan & Yvaine"

I think this movie is so much fun. I read the book a number of years ago and remember enjoying it, but I own the movie and recently rewatched it. That's when I realized it was scored by Ilan Eshkeri, who is one of my favorite composers. (His Young Victoria score is gorgeous.) This soundtrack has a lot to love, from lush romantic cues to heart-pounding action cues.

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