Thursday, July 24, 2014

The 100-Day Hiatus

Starting today, I’ll be logging out of Facebook and (much worse) Tumblr for 100 days. I had an easier time limiting distractions when I was writing my first draft. But my life is crazy busy, and now that I’m on my second and focusing on revisions, it’s a lot tougher. I get stuck on the smallest things. My first deadline is next Tuesday, and if I’m having this much trouble cobbling together 60 pages, it’s not going to get easier once my teaching class starts in August.

So with the help of a friend at work, I decided to eliminate my two biggest timewasters. When I hit a snag in a scene or even in a sentence, my tendency is to head to one of these websites to ‘let it percolate,’ but I really just waste time. I don’t even use Facebook a whole lot besides posting pictures of baseball parks, but I do use it to keep up with my far-away friends (which are most of them). And Tumblr is magnificent because it’s all about (for me, at least) being enthusiastic about the things I love, including writing, reading, and Orphan Black. I’ll still be writing blog posts, though, and I’m not falling off the grid completely!

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