Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Single Girl's Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day

With Hallmark in the world to hawk overpriced, sentimental cards, it’s impossible to escape Valentine’s Day. And, as America seems to have a problem with moderation, it can be . . . overwhelming, to say the least, especially when you have no significant other to celebrate with. So I have compiled a quick guide to surviving the most made-up holiday.

1. Steer clear of department stores for at least a month. Six weeks is better, actually, since stores tend to take down Christmas decorations and go straight for the pink and red hearts. Grocery stores can be handled as long as I don’t tread down the candy aisle.

2. Treat Yo’ Self.* Valentine’s Day is the singleton’s Treat Yo’ Self, a day to put myself first without feeling guilty about it. The concept is self-explanatory. Go to a movie. Eat some cupcakes. Rewatch my favorite movie. Buy myself a new book. It doesn’t really matter as long as I remind myself that, as a confident and independent young woman, it’s abso-blooming-lutely okay to go to a movie theater on my own.

3. Take up a new hobby. There are lots of opportunities waiting for me! Just in my area, there are karate classes, knitting groups, a writing club (which I’ve just learned about). I’m still trying to find a hiking/outdoors group near me, but hopefully I will find one soon. Finding something I’m interested in is the perfect way to broaden my horizons as well as meet some new friends.

4. Grab some wine and relax with a movie or a book that’s not about love. As nice as a love story can be, sometimes you just need to get away from them, which is harder than it seems. After all, even big action-adventure stories throw in love B-plot to appeal to wider audiences. However much a rarity they are, they are out there. I can always revisit a book I’ve read, stop by the library to browse, or browse Netflix. It’s doable, and I will do it.

5. Have a girls’ night! This is tough for me, because I’m in my 20s, and all of my friends are busy with jobs and grad schools and, yes, boyfriends. Planning in advance is essential for everyone involved, but even if no one is available, I have a plethora of fallbacks.

6. Whatever I do, I promise to spend time on me

7. Always remember that my parents will get me a card and probably chocolate. Chocolate is always delicious and appreciated.

And that is how I survive Valentine’s Day.

*Parks and Recreation’s Tom Haverford probably owns the copyright to this.

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